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Asus A17 FA707RR GPU Issue

Level 7
I don't know if I'm in the right place here, but since there's a lot of competent swarm knowledge here, I thought I'd turn here:
to my problem:

A month ago I ordered a new Asus A17 FA707RR RTX 3070 laptop. Slightly cheaper because declared as B-Goods. I personally found nothing on the supposedly slightly damaged box.

After switching on, after about 3-4 hours of installation orgy, I noticed that the monitor flickers slightly every few seconds at 144Hz in the lower right corner of the display.
After several attempts to install various drivers, etc., I was only able to solve the problem by lowering the frequency to 134.56Hz.

Video ~13 sek.

Then I noticed in the system that the laptop had already been installed in mid-December (about 1 month earlier). My thought was that maybe this was used for BitCoin mining?
Since I only noticed this behavior (flickering) with "worn" graphics cards.

In the Furmark test, however, the device seems to me to bring "normal" values.

Preset:1080 @134,56 Hz (1920x1080 fullscreen, 0X MSAA, 60 seconds, dynamic background, burn-in test mode)
9291 points, 155 FPS, 60000ms

Current BIOS is 94.04.7E.00.73 (FA707RR.314)
Windows 11 Home 22H2 Build: 22621.1194
Nvidia: v528.24

Then I noticed in the Device Manager that there are 2 computers there:
1. ACPI x64-based computer

Can this cause problems? What are you doing there?

What shall I do now? Send device back? Asus has already been informed. But still waiting for an answer today.
My concern is that I may not be able to get a replacement unit until mine is replaced/repaired
thanks alot, cheers ^^

Level 10
If the device is still under warranty, you would be best advised to RMA it for the fault. Any repairs would be free as long as you haven't voided the warranty.
IF the device is found to have been heavily used, you should take that up with the seller, as selling a second hand mined device as "new" with a damaged box is very misleading.