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Armoury Crate Performance Fan Mode Bug

Level 7

Can someone help with my notebook issue?

I have a TUF Gaming notebook 2022 with Ryzen 7 6800H and RTX 3050, the problem it seems to overheat to 90ish degrees every time i put it in performance mode with or without my charger plugged in. It also resets to Standard GPU mode every time the notebook restarts or shut down and turned back on. The latter is not really a problem but since i also use this device for college using it without being able to put in in Eco Mode drains my battery really fast. Other than that, it casually freezes and i have to shut it down manually and turn it back on for me to be able to use it again. Im really not sure if i have a software or a hardware problem here. Is there anyone here that have the same issue or can probably help with this issue? 


Level 7


i do have this issues. everytime i put on performance/turbo mode fan, in 15 minutes the laptop will be freeze and i need to manually restart it. it really sucks because if you're using silent mode fan for gaming, the processors heat can build up as much as 95 celcius. my laptop tuf came from 2021. i think this is most likely a software bug but don't expect asus to fix the software anytime soon. youll be dissapointed.

Tru, im gonna try to change my thermal paste to see if it changes anything