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Anyone with ASUS laptop on Intel platform and Modern Standby?

Level 7
Anyone with ASUS laptop on Intel platform and Modern Standby? I think I found a way to lower the power consumption while in Sleep mode. But you need to check it for Intel Modern Standby platforms.

Expand Device Manager, expand System Devices and check for some driver which says "PEP" (PEP stands for Power Engine Plugin). Let me know there is one in Intel-based systems too.

I found a way in AMD-based machines to disable Modern Standby but the PEP driver there is supplied by AMD, whereas on Intel, it is supplied by Microsoft. It is this driver that causes Windows to not immediately and quickly enter low power sleep as it wakes up automatically and repeatedly.

The trick is to replace this driver with "Standard Power Management Controller" driver. Then the laptop still has Modern Standby (no way to get good old ACPI S3 sleep because ASUS just didn't implement it in the firmware). But with that driver, the laptop enters low power mode almost immediately within 15 seconds.

I actually measured the power consumption with a power meter/killawatt style device and found it was 2.5W-3W or max 4W. It was not shooting up to 15-30 and 40 Watts.

Also thereafter how much power it consumes in Modern Standby depends on your power profile. If it is Quiet or Balanced in Armoury Crate, then it consumes roughly 3W. If it's Turbo, it consumes 4W.

Level 7
Nowadays only a few people are using the Modem device. I had the same kind of experience before using a broadband connection.