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Amroury crate performance vs turbo mode

Level 7

Hello, i recently bought the new asus tuff f15, i was wondering, the description says turbo mode gives more performance and produce more heat but in my case i feel like performance mode produce more heat as the fan speed is less in performance mode, i am so confused, i only play valorant and i dont want great fps, 150 -170 at lowest settings is fine for me, so for better thermals which one should i use perfomance or turbo, i want longer gaming hours, does both mode use max power despite how much is needed by the game(valorant), or it only draws power what is needed, but what i researched is turbo mode, cpu is constantly using max power thereby more heat, idk ita jst my guess, so any help would be great, thank you


Level 12

Turbo mode is the fastest.

The fact that the fan is on more in performance mode may be because you've changed the cooling speed curve.

U unerstood it wrong, u cant change the asus armory crate's preset modes, i dont use manual, i said fan speed is less in performance mode not more, ,, i want cpu and cpu settings of performance mode but with the fan speed of turbo mode, 

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