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A15 Screen dead?

Level 7

My A15 (TUF506IV-AS76) screen has been good until the other week when it started to go burgundy, then after about 5 minutes of this, it became nothing but black with a few colored horizontal lines at the top only. The 2nd monitor was fine (which was probably why I may not have noticed the laptop screen changing). but when I rebooted the machine, there was nothing on the 2nd monitor. Not even the colored horizontal lines at the top. I could not see/access the BIOS or anything on the laptop.

This lasted for a week or so. I was frustrated and angry as this is the 3rd time my laptop crapped out on me. (different issues the first 2 times).

Then I turned the laptop on and after 5 minutes the screen showed a message from Microsoft stating that the laptop did not complete some update, "Press okay to continue", which I did. The primary and secondary screens were both fine. I used the laptop for another 2 weeks without issue. Then yesterday, the laptop screen (only) started going burgundy hued, and finally after about 5 minutes back to the black screen with a few colored horizontal  lines at the top. The second screen was fine again. until I shut it off, again after which, it became fully black and unusable.

I'm not very happy with my TUF, 'military grade' laptop. I didn't realize 'military grade' meant that it would keep blowing up.....