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3200mhz Tuf laptop ram reading as 800mhz

Level 7
I purchased an Asus Tuf laptop that is supposed to run ram at 3200mhz. In cpuz the ram frequency was jumping from 500 to 800 to 1330. I contacted asus and they had me download some files and reset bios to default. Now the frequency is stable at like 793 i belive so i gues it is running at 1600 instead of 3200. There is no xmp or ai tweaker on this model of laptop. What would cause this discrepancy? Task manager is showing 3200 and hwinfo shows 1600 after dl files and before was showing 1333. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Rogerdoger77

Welcome to the ROG forum !

I don't have a laptop but I do use HWinfo.

If HWinfo is showing 1600MHz, you can be sure your ram is running at 3200MHz.

I'm not sure about the 800MHz, could be a power saving feature until windows loads.

Wonder what would cause cpu-z to read as 793mhz i believe. Have you ever use cpu-z cause i maybe don't understand the reading.

I have used cpu-z way in the past, now I just use HWinfo.

I installed cpu-z to make sure you're reading it correctly, but if HWinfo is showing the correct information, I would uninstall cpu-z.

My ram is running at 3200MHz

Hey, guys! it's normal on ( even a gaming one ) a laptop to reduce RAM frequency when idle. This stands in Silent mode, RAM frequency should not be lowered in Performance mode. Hope it helps. 😉