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2022 A15 FA507RR Feedback

Level 10

Had this laptop 12months now, and on the whole It's been pretty solid.

The QHD screen is gorgeous, chassis is solid enough and ventilation is decent but cooling could be better.

I stripped the machine down for cleaning and to apply Conductonaut extreme on CPU and GPU as well as upgrading the thermal putty too. I was pleasantly surprised that the CPU cold plate actually has a raised area that comes to meet the CPU, allowing for better mounting pressure. I was a little disappointed to see GPU  didn't get that same treatment. The CPU has benefitted greatly from Conducto, alas I couldn't get it to seat nicely on the GPU and I am using PTM7950 for the moment. I have a few supplies on the way and I will try it again and do a few tests to see how things go.

I would just like to say that, you're quite happy to spout which laptops have Conducto extreme in them, yet if anyone asks what is used on the others it's some closely guarded secret. We know it isn't premium, but for anyone looking to improve their machine I believe transparency on the other models would be helpful for people that make their machines better. The thermals on the TUF range are pretty mediocre, I whole heartly believe you should also use Conducto of any version on the CPU of these machines. I know they're not thin and lights, but still having better cooling would help keep them quieter and be able to properly use the power given to them. Stop turning the fans down to make them quieter and start making the cooling better. Systems are already developed for your other machines. All you would need to do is make those raised contacts on the cold plates and have them nickel plated before soldering them to the main assembly. It's difficult to do this outside of the factory as managing the plating process on a limited scale on a localised area at home is a pain. I should know I did it to the 2021 A15. Make it more modder friendly if you don't want to use conducto from factory, make it so others can.