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2021 Tuf A15 feedback and suggestions.

Level 11
I am the proud owner of the new A15, on the whole I am really pleased with the laptop.
It's a powerful machine, it looks great and handles everything I can throw at it so far.

My problem with it is a lack of fan control in general or in Armoury Crate. I'd say I don't mean to be rude, but I'm just going to say it how it is. I read in here that the "manual" mode and fan curve control is a RoG only feature and that right there is bull****. The version of the A15 I have is £1600, which is more than some of the RoG models, with a premium processor and a RTX3070. This is a gaming machine, I have always used ASUS products because I genuinely like what is offered, but you literally are skimping on general quality of life controls because the label says Tuf? RoG gear has revised, better cooling with liquid metal and more heat pipes, you keep the best screens for your RoG models, you give better BIOS controls and overclocking potential to those machines too. Likely better motherboards for more ram and faster memory. All of that I can live with, what I can't live with is you selling me a laptop for more than your RoG models yet claiming FAN CONTROL is a premuim RoG feature. That should be a standard feature in all of your gaming hardware and customisable in all modes of Armoury Crate.

Why does this bug me you might ask?
Because in all modes bar Turbo, the fans will do nothing until it hits 60c and I have had my laptop idling and those temps creep up in all modes (except turbo). I have no control over that what so ever and I think that is a really poor design for a gaming machine. As a consumer it should be an option for me to choose how I want my fans to run on my gaming machine. Yes, fans run ambient on Turbo, but Turbo is not always an option, cause being a laptop... I move around with it and don't always have it plugged in. I would like to actually be able to adjust the fan curves in all modes. Lower temps are better all around for user comfort as well as device longevity.

I sincerely hope you rethink your principles on Armoury Crate considering all that has been stated here. Actually do right by your customers instead of making excuses.

Level 10
Hi there,
Thank you for your feedback. I have reported it to related department.

Thank you, I appreciate it. I just hope this is acted on.

I support all of the above, and I also want to add from myself, i have asus tuf gaming a15 2021 fx506qm (sn M4NRCX02N218158) after updating the bios from 305 to 307, I lost the activation of windows 10 pro, I could not restore it using the standard recovery utility after an alleged hardware change. I had to purchase a new license.

Also, for some reason, the Fn+down arrow\up arrow keys do not work, for manual adjustment of the keyboard backlight, I can only do this in the armory crate program. Although this keyboard shortcut worked before installing all the updates in the myasus program.

I would also like to be able to manually set a parameter in the bios (uma frame buffer) to allocate memory for the built-in graphics core (as standard, only 512mb is taken from RAM), in other laptop models this parameter can be expanded up to 2gb (or more), I hope this will appear in future bios updates.