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Vp32uq endlessly flashing no signal screen (distracting, power waste)

Level 7
I'm having an issue with a Vp32uq monitor. When the monitor is turned on with any hdmi or displayport cable plugged into it, it repeatedly flashes the bright blue no signal screen every 5 seconds. It should stay blank, instead of flashing no signal endlessly.

There doesn't need to be any output device on the other end of the cable for this to happen. Just plug any cable into it and it starts flashing the no signal screen. This is very distracting and wastes power.

I've tried this with a number of different cables.

Doesn't happen if there is no cable plugged in.

Again, this is Device Independent. Nothing is plugged into the other end of the cable. Although yes, it does happen if something is plugged in at the other end of the cable as well.

If this can't be resolved I'll have to return the monitor and get a BenQ or something.

Anyone have a similar issue with an Asus monitor? I have a couple Asus monitors and none of them do this.