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vg28uql1a Best reccomended settings

Level 7
Hello. I am using this monitor only for PS5 and playing only COD. Can somebody give best recommended settings?
most important is performance, to have lowest input lag etc.

its better with Elmb sync or not?

Il be really thankful, because its not much information with this monitor.

Level 7

Unfortunately I've reached out to Asus and checked other sites to try and get an answer for this with no success. I used this monitor for my Ps5 as well but mainly for the mlb the show.  All I've been able to gather is OD setting 0 to 2 is best to avoid ghosting. Racing is supposedly best for response time and visual settings. No answers about what the point of Console mode is. May just just be strictly for visual hdr stuff.  If you happen to come across anything please share. Good luck