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VG27WQ ICC color profile not supported by chromium?

Level 7
I have this monitor for a year and a half, the driver was never updated since in the product's page. I've installed the driver and ICC profile from Asus website for this monitor, the colors look washed out in all chromium browsers and apps.
The only "fix" I found online was to disable hardware acceleration or forcing sRGB color in flags. Or you can just don't use Asus's proper color profile and just use the default sRGB ICC profile in Windows. None of them are ideal. The monitor's ICC profile is wide gamut, so we shouldn't be using the default windows sRGB.
The issue occurs in Steam and Spotify app too, since they're chromium based.
Is this normal, or is te a defective color profile? Will it ever be addressed?

Level 7
So I was finally able to make this monitor look properly.
You need to remove the driver ICC profile, and leave the default system settings as default. Then, depending if you have an NVIDIA or AMD GPU, you need to do what is said in this vídeo:
I have NVIDIA, so I use the tool and select target to Display P3, the tool also has an option to use the Asus ICC profile from the driver.

Monitor OSD settings:
Racing Mode
Brightness: 47
Contrast: 79
Color temp: User mode: 100-91-100
Trace Free: 80
VividPixel: 0
Shadow Boost: Off

Maybe this can be of use to other VG27WQ owners.