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VG27AQ1A Displayport NO SIGNAL

Level 7
Good evening, today I bought this monitor because I saw very good references about it on the internet. The problem I have is that when I connect it with the displayport cable that comes included in the box, it does not give signal. It only works with HDMI cable. I have searched and tried different solutions but none of them work. anyone who can help me? Thanks.

Level 7
More info for the forum would help trouble shoot. I'm not an expert on this monitor, but my son who lives at home has the VG27AQ and I seem to recall he had a bad DP cable when he got it last year.

Did you try the monitor with a different DP cable?

Did you select the correct DP input for the monitor through the on screen menu?

If so, Did you try to shut down and remove power and unplug PC and monitor and restart?

Level 7
I managed to fix it by reinstalling the GPU drivers using DDU to do a clean install, and with that I can now use the displayport cable. Thanks!