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vg27aq wake issues and random black screen

Level 8
So I've had a vg27aq since June and recently I've been having random issues after changing the displayport cable.

The first issue I noticed is the display would randomly go black for no reason and lose signal. I have 3 displays total and it is the only display to do it. I tried switching back to the displayport cable it came with and it does the same thing. The other issue I found is when waking from sleep it doesn't always wake up. It remains black where the other displays turn on fine.

I've tried multiple things so far such as disabling G-Sync, reducing the refresh rate, trying different displayport and HDMI cables. Nothing seems to fix the issue.

What I find odd is it is only this monitor that is effected.

All possible drivers are updated.

Any suggestions?

Level 10
I had the same issues, I thought it was a driver issue too. I tried different cables and even a different rig, had the flickering and also a long time to wake up from not being used.

I returned mine to microcenter and got a new one, no issues now, it could be the monitor man.
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Is your problem Solved?

I have the same problem with my PC monitor. It goes black sometimes. Previously I thought that it was a cable issue. So, I changed the HDMI cable and brought a new one. But it doesn't solve my problem.

Then I called their service center person and he told me that your windows or maybe the drivers are not updated. Actually, I was using the outdated windows and hence it was creating that black screen issue.

Maybe in the case of yours, The problem lies in the Drivers or Windows. Please check them. You can follow up with this guide to solve this black screen issue.

Let me know If your problem getting solved or not.

Jeffer James.

I have same issues as well so i Tried using shorter hdmi cable and so far issue was resolved. Seems problem was with the signal going to the monitor as with longer csble issue occurs