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Va Monitor brightness flicker when both VRR & HDR are on

Level 8

Some months ago I bought my first VRR & HDR10 monitor that supports higher refresh rate (48-170Hz) the model is VG27AQA1A its labled FreeSync Premium certified and flicker-free.


Now most of the time it is flicker free but when using desktop applications as Discord (in dark mode) or browsing certain websites with a darker color pallet (such as Steam forum) I notice brightness jumps when scrolling or typing when both VRR and HDR are on.


The sudden brightness jumps on static pictures is also observable in some games. During loading screens and on menus (for instance when playing Gwent in Witcher 3, placing some cards will trigger an animation that causes the screen to visibly flicker, scrolling between cards will cause sudden jump and fall of brightness every time you move the cursor to another card). 


When either FreeSync or HDR are off this issue goes away.


The flicker is very situational and isn't persistent so it's hard to capture on phone camera as the sudden brightness jumps are pretty subtle but annoying.


So far I've tried

  • Disabling the monitor's overclock.
  • Resetting the monitor to default staye using the reset button.
  • Plugging/Unplugging DisplayPort cable and switching to HDMI cable.
  • Setting custom resolution with refresh rate lower than my max refresh rate by 1.
  • Reinstalling Asus driver for my specific monitor.
  • Updating gpu drivers to latest version of Adrenaline.

For now I just switch HDR off unless I'm playing a game that supports HDR or watching HDR coded videos.


I also noticed yesterday that leaving the screen on for half an hour on a static image or website leaves noticeable burn in that stays there for a few minutes and slowly fades out with use. Is this something to expect from a VA panel?


The monitor is certified Flicker-Free and admittedly it is that most of the time, when brightness flickers its not a persistent flicker but situational.


Is this something to expect from the technology? Or should I send the monitor to Asus for testing (they said they cannot see a problem wrt the videos ive sent but said that I can send for them to test it in a lab) which will take some time I expect, I've still got my old monitor.

My system:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Radeon 7900 xt 20GB gddr gpu
  • i5-13600k
  • Ram: 2 x 16GB ddr5 6000MHz cl32
  • MB: Gigabyte Z790-Gaming-x with F7 bios version
  • 850W 80+ gold power supply

Level 8

I just got a similar monitor and am experiencing the same flickering.  It is highly annoying.