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TUF Gaming VG289Q Menu is all greyed out...

Level 7

I have a TUF Gaming VG289Q monitor I just bought about 2 months ago, and I just tried to change things like contrast, or pick a different display preset tuning option, and everything is greyed out in the menu. 
I get the menu to appear by clicking top most button on the side of the monitor twice, the joystick button.  And it lists all the main menu options, but the options under say the G menu which I assume is 'GameVisual' mode, it shows options like 'Scenery Mode', and 'Racing Mode', 'Cinema Mode', etc. but they are all greyed out,  Same with everything under the Blue Light Filter Menu one level down, which read 'Level0', 'Level1', .. 'Level4' also all greyed out.
Under 'Color' menu the sub menus 'Brightness', 'Contrast' 'Saturation' 'Color Temp' 'Skin Tone' Also all greyed out.
It isn't until i get down the 'image' menu that has all the sub-options greyed out except two, "Ada[t Sync', and 'HDR', the rest like 'Sharpnesss', 'Aspect Control' etc are all also greyed out.
Input select which has 'HDMI1', "HDMI2', 'DisplayPort' are selectable.
But then again under 'System Setup' is mostly selectable but it's just volume, OSD Setup, Keylock, Language, settings.  Nothing to control the image.
And finally the last menu which is the 4 presets are all selectable.

Why can't I change even basic functions like brightness, etc on this monitor?  It says in the manual I should be able to ?????  Is it broken? do i have something wrong with the software install on the chip on my monitor???

Should I return it?  As right now it's amazing that a monitor with so many supposed controls seems to just be fake, and all the options are not allowed to be choosen. I even reset to factory settings, and still the same issue?
I am using Display Port input, but that shouldn't matter according to the manual?  My 3080 GPU only has one HDMI out, and several display ports, so I really don't have a choice anyway.  And again, the manual doesnt' hint at all that there would be a difference. So I haven't bother trying.

Am I missing something obvious? Or is this monitor not setup properly from the factory?


Level 7

Is HDR on?

I have a different monitor than yours but enabling HDR locks out all the screen calibration options.

I turned off HDR in windows and all my brightness settings started working thank you!