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TUF Gaming VG27AQML1A Display Widget Center User profile not accessible

Level 7

Hi, i have a TUF Gaming VG27AQML1A Gaming Monitor – 27-inch and i have the Asus Display Widget Center installed and everything seems to be working fine except the User profile which is not accessible for whatever reason. It worked fine and was accessible on Windows 10 but when i switched to Windows 11 this is not working anymore, i cannot click it, nothing happens, the other profiles work and get highlighted when you hoover over them but the user profile is not working...

I tried everything, reinstalling the app and driver, i even reinstalled Windows 11 when i firstly noticed it, i disabled and enabled every option available on both this app and on the monitors manual options and settings, i have searched online for every keyword that i could think of but couldn't find anything or anyone experiencing this issue.

Is anyone here with a similar monitor or that are using this app and experiences the same thing on Windows 11?Untitled.jpg