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TUF Gaming VG279Q1R - Horizontal lines on wake-up/turning on

Level 7
Hey, I have been with this monitor for 6 months: TUF Gaming VG279Q1R

This week it started to present horizontal lines at the bottom, blurring my taskbar. It disappears after some time (10~20 minutes). I searched about it and saw that it's related to low room temperature and faulting LCD panel, and with time it tends to get worse.

Since the 1st event, every time I turn my PC on I'm seeing this lines. I also turned screen power saving options off on windows settings so I don't have to deal with it through out the day when I let my PC idling for some time. Even so, yesterday after I got out of my PC for about 1 hour, on returning I noticed this lines at my task bar, albeit not so big as when I turn my PC on.

I'm creating this thread to know if some other people had this problem with Asus Monitors and if the warranty process went smoothly.