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TUF Gaming VG249Q1A OSD options not available

Level 7

Hey folks,

The OSD options on my monitor are not available. There are a number of posts that suggest this is something to do with HDR in Windows 11... However my laptop isn't even HDR capable, and the setting is as off as I can make it! 

At the moment I can't change most of the settings, including game modes, etc. using the OSD. Fortunately the Display Widget available on the ASUS page under drivers/utilities does work, so at least I can access the gamer features of my monitor. Partly posting this in case anyone else is looking for a work around...

Any other suggestions to get the OSD working? I am using an HDMI cable, would it make any difference if I use display port? I would have to purchase one otherwise I'd have tried it myself.





Level 8

I m not sure if is a cable issue but if u have chance to test it with a display port cable check and see if problem vanish.
I have same monitor and osd works normally pressing button behind device but i use  display widget too that is very very useful.