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Strange problem after win10 update

Level 7
All of the font on my desktop is hard to read...looks kinda rough around the edges. It also happens when I open a webpage, but any font that is blue or green is insanely bright...kinda neon in color I guess. The only time I do not have a issue is when I am playing a game. Also my G sync LED wont signal if its active or not, it will flash green when I start a game but thats about it.
Oh yea, all white font as a bit of a greenish glow or ghosting effect as well.

Level 7
Win 10 will be beta software for some time. You have a common complaint. Hopefully this will help.
Or you can just stay with what works and use Win 7.

Level 7
not true, win 10 is fine over here i have not seen any of your problems. maybe it's your monitor?

You probably figured out already...same thing happened to me. uninstall/reinstall video card drivers.