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Refuses to display post/bios/windows boot on displayport monitor

Level 7
I recently purchased the ROG Swift monitor. However, it will not post or show the bios when ever I turn on or restart my computer. I have confirm that my main monitor is set to the primary and if I click Identity, it shows my main monitor as "1".

However, Post/BIOS/Windows loading screen is on the "2" monitor. I'm a bit stumped on how to fix it. What's odd is I can disable the second monitor in Windows and select "Show only on 1", reboot, and it will still show it on the 2nd monitor. It seems the card wants to default to HDMI for this, not display port. I cannot swap cables physically either as one is my ROG Swift 2650x 1440 (DisplayPort required), and the other is LCD TV 1920x1080 (HDMI).

Even if the ROG Swift is the only one connected it will not display the bios and will only fully turn on once it is booting/logging into windows. So right now the only ones that will display the bios when booting are my old DVI Monitor or my HDMI LCD TV. This is a nuisance as I planned on getting rid of my older screens but now I am forced to keep them around if I ever need to tweak my bios settings for any particular reason.

Out of ideas here... 😞

falcon291 wrote:
The problem is probably with older Nvidia Graphic cards:
Please update firmware of your graphic card.

The problem will be resolved as it was resolved for my computer:

Oh sweet heaven thank you I have been having this problem now for 1 month with the new monitor tuf gaming and this fixed it. 1080ti firmware update just fix it. so it has nothing to do with the monitor. I finally can get acces to bios and f8. ;):D:D:). Sanka you a lot