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LCD shutting down after a few hours

Level 7
I need help! I have a G75VW and its LCD monitor keeps shutting down after a few hours playing SWTOR. I don't think the problem is with the game since I have been playing it for quite some time and this problem with the LCD is recent. Their support crew told me to look for hardware support as they don't believe it's related to the game.
The computer keeps working (I keep hearing the game sound) and I'm sure this is not a backlight issue since there's nothing on the screen when it happens (tried with a flashlight).
After I ALT+TAB out of the game screen and wait for less than a minute, it turns on again. Then I get back to the game and it shuts down again after a few minutes. Restarting doesn't help.
I thought it could be overheating of the GPU, but Open Hardware Monitor says its temperature never went over 75 celcius.
I have this computer for almost three years and this is the first issue I have with it.