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In search for VG248QE Panel!

Level 7
My name is Luka I am from Croatia.

I am in search for panel for my VG248QE monitor.
Model number is: auo m240hw01 v8

Since I am from europe, the shipping costs from sites like Ebay or Aliexpress are around 80 Euros, the panel itself costs 100 Euros.
In total I can buy new one. Cause total pricing would be 200 Euros... so I just bought new One
Now I have 1 broken, and 2nd that is standing and collecting dust, cause my panel broke/cracked.
And no I didn't hit it, it fall down from my table and hit the desk... I tested monitor it works, but panel is cracked in middle, long story short...

Do you guys know any solution where can I buy this panel for cheap, in EU. I have searched even ASUS site and found OEM replacement is also expensive.
I am willing to pay around 50-70 Euros with shipping for this. I think this is reasonable price.

I cannot find any local service that had this panel model, and price for new monitor in my country is exactly: €249.16

I wanted to buy panel fix the second monitor + buy one more monitor and have a triple sorround setup.

Thank you in advance,
Luka. 😮