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Flickering screen when using G-Sync.

Level 7
HI Everyone,

Like most of you i was happy when i buyed the Asus PG278Q.

But, when i activated G-Sync and also installed the latest Nvidea Drivers 344.60.

Please ASUS make a software update or firmware update so that everyone is happy.

And that this issue can be solved for ever !!!!

Did anyone get the same issue, or maybe a perm fix?


Level 7
I only get the flickering part when loading games, but are you getting it during gameplay sessions as well?

No not while i'm playing.

Only in Loading or in the game menu's

Level 7
I don't get it during ingame menus but during loading so I don't know.

I've contacted Nvidea and Asus for reporting this issue.

They must really bring out a update or fix in the new driver version..

Please Asus@driverteam, fix this !!!!!!!

I hope they will read this message , any feedback will be very good.


Level 7
I think the reason you're seeing flickering is that most loading screens drop in framerate below 60 FPS (occasionally, they can hit single digits), at which point the monitor will start to flicker due to a lower refresh rate being used with Gsync.

Level 7
i got the flickering of the backlight on game session too. especially on Guildwars 2 or LoL and i probably stated that it happen witouth gsync too. and well sometimes gsync vanish from the control pannel.

Level 10
I think flickering during loading screens is normal. Maybe at very low frames (30 and <30) they strobe the backlight in order to avoid pixel persistence. I wouldn't be too worried about it. Some other users are experiencing flickering while playing games with gsync. Now that is a problem. Thankfully, I havent seen that yet.

Level 15
This is due to Nvidia G-Sync drivers or it's specific to the game code. Please either roll back to the last version or wait for the new version. There is no firmware update that can be applied to the PG.

PWM strobe only activates when ULMB is enabled; the frequency is reduced to match the display refresh, which is why it goes darker.