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Displaport and asus vg248qe

Level 7
I have g750jh and I bought Asus vg248qe.

Since I have only HDMI, VGA and Thunderbolt (Which is connected into GPU) on this notebook. I bought a mini displaport to displayport cable (PremiumCord Mini DisplayPort)

When I turned the notebook on and the monitor fresh out of box and plugged everything in, the monitor was running and ok, altho after a while I noticed it started to turn off for few seconds, then turn on again. I tried restarting PC, did all kind of restarting, unplugging the cords, everything, somehow I managed to get the monitor work again on mini DP - DP cable, but after a while of playing dota 2 (like 10 minutes into game) monitor strated crashing again, very often, like every 10 seconds. So I had to switch to HDMI which is working fluently, but then I couldn't even get the DP to work again.

All that happens when I plug mini DP to my PC is that "Displayport No Signal" Apperas on the monitor

HDMI works nice, didnt try DVI, but with HDMI can't use the potential of 144hz and that's why I bought this monitor.

Things I tried: 2 different cables, updating bios, rollbacking nvidia drivers, power cycling,


Anyone has experience with this? Or idea how to solve it and make the monitor running on mini dp - dp?

Level 9
The FAQ says this about the DP cable, and using other types of cables (DVI/HDMI) :

Which DisplayPort version does it have?
DisplayPort 1.2 is required for native WQHD@144Hz support. All (GTX 650 Ti Boost or higher spec) ASUS GTX graphics cards offer this output.

Can DVI/HDMI be converted to DP via adapter?
DVI-DL does not have the bandwidth to support 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz.
We do not recommend using an HDMI to DP adapter as this is not qualified or supported in Nvidia drivers.

Is your mini-dp to dp cable version 1.2?

Also, there have been some other posts a while back, regarding using mini dp to dp cabels. There should be some info form other posters regarding it working, or not working, or what they did to get it working. Sorry, I can't remember anything more specific.