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Bizarre backlight "box" inside the screen

Level 7

just bought a new Asus Rog Swift couple days ago (seems to be from the september batch), and apart from the way too low gamma it's been ok.

Today while playing Alien Isolation I noticed a weird "box" of, I'm assuming, some kind of backlight bleed. It's kind of hard to explain, while playing dark games (it doesn't show up in bright games), it feels like there's some kind of screen on top of the display, or something. At first I thought it was some kind of effect of the game (like a space suit helmet), but then I noticed it in other games.

I took a picture of it with a pure black test image, there seems to be a lot of light variation going on...

I couldn't find anything regarding this issue, but I'm guessing I should just RMA the unit?

Level 7
I have the same problem. It's horrible on low light game. I think to return too