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Trying to pick an ASUS Gaming Monitor

Folks, I am planning to get a new gaming monitor however I need some of your opinions. I will be upgrading from a 9-year-old Sony Google Internet HDTV with 60 Hz refresh rate so anything I pick will be better than what I have. Three things I am looki...

VG278Q Display Port Deep Sleep issue.

Hi,My monitor as listed above is a VG278Q Freesync monitor connected via Display Port to an RTX 2070.Problem is when my monitors go to sleep the DP monitor my main monitor the VG278 is the last to wake up and all my windows including games are moved ...

VG279Q has flickering or horizontal lines.

Hello everyone!Recently my ASUS VG278HE broke and I had it replaced, through warranty, with a VG279Q. I'm happy with the monitor so far, but I have noticed that if I have the refresh rate of the monitor set to lower than 100hz there are sporadic hori...

sdbmania by Level 7
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ASUS VP247H - Colour setting questions

Hey folks I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following?What Kelvin value do the colour temperature values on this monitor correspond to? We have Warm, Normal, Cool, User (RGB).Does anyone have a good settings guide for optimal 6500K?Tha...