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Any word on Asus PG278Q Sales in Australia yet?

Hey every ROG Users and Asus members alike (Plus people reading this that arent members ^.^) I was curious and wondering if there be any sales of the PG278Q in sales in the Australian market any time soon?For some reason the DIY Kit for G-Sync hasn't...

ASUS PBQ278 27" IPS display port not working

Not sure what's up but I used the display port cable, hook it up to the monitor - nothing.. the display won't turn on.. I switch it to DVI works great.It seems that a lot of people have the display port issues. Am I missing something here? Is the dis...

Astro A50

Hello i have a Asus G75VX and im in the market for a new gaming headset. I was thinking about the Astros A50"s cause of the great sound quality and wireless functions! But do they work with my laptop even though i dont have optical out? And if so wha...

socic by Level 7
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Question on the PB287Q

Greetings all, maybe I should post this in the "Build Advice" forum, but I've been keeping an eye on this one and felt I'd start here. I'm wanting to get into the 4k monitor glory, and not long ago I built my system based on what some folks here hel...

Cant find it. PB287q

I am sick of waiting for the PB287q. I literally have a second screen with my order ready for the Samsung version. I just cant find ANY store that sells the Asus monitor. Not even preorders or even a page that states its coming soon on any retailer....

Note on GSync versus Freesync (VESA 1.2a)

Please see this post about the state of the industry, from everything I know of. It's not 'ASUS official', it's just a bit of background info on the machinations of product development to help our fans understand more:http://rog.asus.com/forum/showth...

X-ROG by Level 15
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