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VG27AQ Black line

Hello, after 8 month of usage i have noticed a dark line appeared on the left corner of my VG27AQ monitor, and it also flickers when gsync is on in games, is it normal for this monitor, what could it be?

VG278QR vertical lines

Hi.Recently got a VG278QR monitor and it is suffering from a problem when displaying light colours and greys. When the view moves left/right, there are feint vertical lines on what looks like every alternate pixel. If the refresh rate is low, eg 60H...

s1571 by Level 7
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My asus PG248Q no power Led Blue

my new monitor does not turn on is blinking blue led infinity does not light up soon asus already tested the source everything is ok has anyone seen this problem could it be the g-sync card? firmware can someone help me solve?Please help me

PG248Q Resets Settings on sleep

I bought this monitor late 2019, and out of the blue the monitor reset all of my settings (including color tuning that took me forever). When it came back on, it flashed red for a moment and then gave me the yes/no Light in Motion option. Whenever it...

VG27AQ1A Displayport NO SIGNAL

Good evening, today I bought this monitor because I saw very good references about it on the internet. The problem I have is that when I connect it with the displayport cable that comes included in the box, it does not give signal. It only works with...

XG279Q Backpanel Logo

I replaced my PG279Q with XG279Q monitor which i bought Yesterday. The problem is the ROG logo at the back is not working, no light or RGB. how to turn it on/off? thanks for answering.

Asus Gaming monitor headphone jack problem

Hi guys, so I just got the ASUS Gaming VG278QR and when using the headphone jack it seems really quiet. I have the volume setting cranked up to 100 but it is still so quiet. Has anyone experienced this issue? The headphone worked well with previous m...

ieh4f by Level 7
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