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PB278Q vs PB287Q

I'm currently happy with a 278Q on 2x GTX 980's. However, I have another GTX 980 on the way, so I'm considering upgrading to the 287Q. What if anything would be better about the 3840 x 2160?

Heini by Level 11
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Ongoing Issues With Monitor/PC

Almost 3 months ago I had built a new computer. In every game I get stuttering. My FPS reaches 59 to refresh rate of 60 Hertz, 118 FPS when 120 Hz is selected and 138 FPS when selecting 144Hz. I have tried turning V-Sync on and off and also GSync on ...

What happened?

I was playing World of Warcraft when suddenly my monitor freaked out and now it looks like that:Didn't expect that baring in mind i paid 800 euro for that monitorhow is this going to be fixed?


Disable G-sync

Hi,In some games I would like to have G-sync off and get high FPS. I can`t seem to disable G-sync, is it permanently enabled?For eg) Playing CSGO, cap at 144hz with G-sync enabled when in full screen, and yes its smooth, but I would like higher FPS. ...

Bizarre backlight "box" inside the screen

Hello,just bought a new Asus Rog Swift couple days ago (seems to be from the september batch), and apart from the way too low gamma it's been ok. Today while playing Alien Isolation I noticed a weird "box" of, I'm assuming, some kind of backlight ble...

Tnke by Level 7
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CES 2014: More ASUS monitors announced

I saw this on FB today. 2 new ASUS monitors announced. https://www.facebook.com/ASUSROG27" 4K IPS w/ G-Sync (@60 Hz). http://rog.asus.com/393642015/gaming-monitors/ces-2015-rog-swift-pg27aq-27-inch-4k-lcd-with-gsync/27" IPS @ 120 Hz (no g-sync)http:/...

Volt by Level 9
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