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Gsync and OBS issues

I started streaming on Twitch TV again and I have been using my ROG Swift monitor. I thought my OBS settings were messed up but after I turned off gsync the issue was gone. So when I start streaming CSGO with gsync there is horrible stuttering. GTA5 ...

PB287Q Popping Sound??

Hey everyone. Sorry if ive posted in the wrong place, new to the forum. Lemme give you a little background info. Im running window7 on a 3930k liquid cooled, 16gb ram, couple SSD's and a Titan Z. A few months back I picked up a PB287Q, so I could run...

First Flickering then stuck at 23-24HZ! Help!

Hello,I have the Asus rog swift gaming monitor with a gtx 690, I currently connected them with a display port to mini display port cable.Everything used to work great in the beginning at 144 HZ with gsync enabled but then it started slowly degrading....

MG279Q "not verifyed" FreeSync?

Hey there!I did read on a website that the MG279Q seems to support FreeSync through the AMD Driver and the only requirement for that is to have a DB 1.2a and Adaptiv Sync. So I have three questions,1. Is this true?2. Will it be available around the 3...

Evo by Level 7
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Blurry text

Add me to the list of ROG Swift owners who got the blurry text problem.It's been fine for over 3 months, but today, the text is blurry. I tried to go on Asus's site to get an RMA, and even the website doesn't work (it times out). Even though this mon...

G-SYNC randomly stops working

I recently purchased my ROG SWIFT and it has been great except for G-SYNC failing to work at times. After a fresh boot it will work 100% of the time, but after a while it just stops working. It has never stopped while in a game as far as i have notic...

Heckler by Level 7
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