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VG279Q has flickering or horizontal lines.

Hello everyone!Recently my ASUS VG278HE broke and I had it replaced, through warranty, with a VG279Q. I'm happy with the monitor so far, but I have noticed that if I have the refresh rate of the monitor set to lower than 100hz there are sporadic hori...

sdbmania by Level 7
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ASUS VP247H - Colour setting questions

Hey folks I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following?What Kelvin value do the colour temperature values on this monitor correspond to? We have Warm, Normal, Cool, User (RGB).Does anyone have a good settings guide for optimal 6500K?Tha...

ASUS MG248Q 143hz

my screen was 144hz but after i install new copy of windows 10 its become 143hz ? what is the problem do i need to install new windows or do i need to change my cad driver ( its up to date its make me crazy i try to find a fix but did not get any s...

killer7 by Level 7
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Two ASUS 1440p monitors with different scaling?

I started a thread about this on OCN, but I figured I'd ask here as well since this is more ASUS-oriented.I have a MG279Q and a PB278Q. The latter I've had for a few years now and was my primary until I recently got the MG279Q. So far, I've noticed a...

ASUS VG49V 49" 32:9 3840×1080 Release date ?

Screen Size 49-inchResolution 3840x1080 (Double Full HD)Panel Type VAAspect Ratio 32:9Refresh Rate 144HzResponse Time 4ms (GtG)Adaptive Sync FreeSync (48Hz-144Hz)Speakers 2x5WPorts DisplayPort, 2x HDMIOther Ports Headphone JackBrightness 350 cd/m2Con...

---SK--- by Level 7
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2nd Monitor VG2436H

Inherited a VG236H 120 Hz 1080p monitor after building my son's box and him moving up to a 165 Hz 1440p panel. I'm using it as a second monitor w/ the 120 Hz Dual Link DVI cable. Primary monitor is a VG248QE. The MoBo is the Asus Z87 Maxi...

In search for VG248QE Panel!

Hi,My name is Luka I am from Croatia.I am in search for panel for my VG248QE monitor. Model number is: auo m240hw01 v8Since I am from europe, the shipping costs from sites like Ebay or Aliexpress are around 80 Euros, the panel itself costs 100 Euros....

Lukii by Level 7
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ASUS VA32AQ Monitor Issue

What's happening?Ran into a bit of a problem with my newest monitor because if I had no bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. I've had the monitor for almost a year, but literally used it for about a month before the problem materialized (long story, sh...

panzlock by Level 12
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Strange line down the middle of my MG279Q - (Resolved)

Hello All,Since i got an R9 Fury i've been seeing a strange blurry line down the middle of my monitor, and also some lines/flicker down the left side of the monitor. I can be fixed by changing hz or rebooting, and before you know it.. its back again....

junker by Level 7
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