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Barrel plug connector size for PG279Q monitor power?

Level 7

I got a PG279Q for free from my upstairs neighbor who's moving out. He had a lot of stuff he was about to throw out so I grabbed this monitor. I didn't see that it needs an external power supply until I brought it back into my place and he was already gone (I doubt he had it lying around anyways).

I can see on one of the stickers that it's 19V and 4.74A, so it's a 90W power supply needed. The tough part I'm getting to now is the barrel plug connector size, of where there are over a dozen of them. I can get my calipers in there for the OD and measure out 5.5mm, so that narrows it down to 2. The male internal pin is either 2.5mm or 2.1mm. Anyone know what it is? Thanks.