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Asus VZ279HE (v2017) hidden menù or panel manufacturer model

Level 7
first of all i have this monitor since 2017 and i really like it, it have great colors, gamma, and an amazing trace free, i never experience any ghosting or overshoot since then.
Now, if possible, i want to know the panel manufacturer of this great monitor and model, or a way to access the service/factory menù so i can read all the info there.
I ask because i tried to buy a new VZ279H but v2019 but it was completely different, i suspect they use a different panel to build these last units because the colors, the sharpness and the responsiveness are now different, ugly and washed compared to the old iteration.

I remember someone told me the old model used a TD Philips panel, but wasn't never sure about it and i never found any info about this panel.

Thanks a lot if someone from Asus or a regular user have more info.

ps: My friends have Acer and HP ips monitors, and they can easily access to firmware and panel info by just pressing two buttons (menù+power), but no matter how much combinations i try, i'm not able to access this factory menù with my Asus.