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Asus Tuff mb X970 Plus Armoury Crate

Level 7

Asus Tuff mother board X970 Plus Armoury Crate saying some features are not running but gives no error code Just the message, So I am guessing either anti-virus is blocking some components or the Apps throwing false flags or corruption. I don't see all the frame work host, so this is probably the issue? I hate to uninstall when my Rigs running just fine, Armoury Crate got Bugs, and I'm tired of fixing it, the Rig will run just as good or better with out Armoury Crate, if I have to install ot one more time it will be the last time, then it will be gone, Fact is I don't like the idea of his App making so many unauthorized connections as well, the  only reason I installed it was I forget to disable it in BIOS when I initiated installation of Windows 10 Pro. I built the Rig , I know it very well and this Armoury Crate is near useless to me, all I see it doing is Logging my every Key stroke from the apps to the places I visit to the games I've loaded, seems to act more like a trojan for the corporation, really has no viable use for me other then RGB lighting on my Geforce RTX 3060, RGB liquid cooler and motherboard other then that, I have no use for it and it's remote connections to unknown 3rd partyI could probably about guess who, it's also installing Aac_Patriot_Viper RGB software for lighting,  I don't have RGB Ram installed, more over, it is not patriot Ram onboard, it's G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 2x16=32 3600Mhz and it shows at 2666Mhz on board at 1333mhz ridiculous, I can not get it to run at its factory speed 3600Mhz rated, best I've forced it to do was recognized at 3400Mhz running at 2200Mhz this is probably Armoury Crate and/or Windows forced updates or BOTH, fact is, looking for answer to the question! IS it better to just "Disable" in BIOS wipe it out, try installing software drivers locally. I find myself installing most every driver as it goes now, as to properly run right. But, between Armoury Crate and Windows update BULLY, I've had to fight them both all the way to install proper driver software and not all the PnP garbage!  Disable or NOT!