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Asus Tuf gaming VG27AQ options are grey

Level 7
Hallo dear Asus gamers,

First of all I want say the English language is the 3rd language I speak and it is not my strong weapon to explain well so excuse me for my weak language. I have bought this good monitor and as many of you I would like to connect it to my 1080Ti via Display Port. I am facing al little problem which is the most options are grey and disabled when I use the DS port, I one time tried to connect it through the HDMI and then I could turn on all the available option in the controle panel of the monitor.

Take a look at the 2sond picture please



It would be great if you have an idea for me why I can't turn on this options with the display port cable.

kind regards

Level 13
you need to disable ELMB sync and adaptive sync for that to work. with that said, it's weird that your ELMB sync is grayed out too. hmm... 🤔

OH perhaps it's HDR?
don't bother with turning HDR on on VG27aq.
it's fake HDR.
no siggy, saw stuff that made me sad.

Level 7

im having a similar issue i cant acces any of the gamming setting on my monitor thta is attached to my ps5 threw an hdmi cable