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Level 8
If there is a separate forum for asking questions about ProArt monitors I couldn't find it so I'll ask here.

I have a new PA32UXC UHD HDR monitor and am using it with an EVGA RTX 2080ti video card. First off, Windows 10 x64 considers it a "Generic PnP monitor" and there doesn't seem to be a driver specific to this monitor that I can install. I find this surprising as I have never come across a current or recent generation monitor that didn't have a driver available for Windows. Drivers aren't available from the website and chatting with tech support found none either. Finally, I am not sure if having a customized driver is really necessary but just thought I'd ask. Additionally, the person I chatted with said he'd "elevate" it but I have little faith. Does anyone know if there is a driver available for this display or is it even necessary?

Next, oddly, the display is equipped with a fan that is clearly audible when the monitor is on. Additionally, when Windows is shut down and the display is put to sleep, the fan STILL runs on and on and on and on for what reason I can't be sure. Other than unplugging the display is there any way to shut this fan down?

Other than that the display is beautiful, albeit a bit noisy, very bright, very "contrasty" and the HDR capabilities seem to be outstanding!

Level 7