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Asus monitor wont connect with HDMI, any help?

Level 7
Hey guys about a week ago i tried setting up my elgato HD60 from my ps4 to asus monitor, this did require a HDMI splitter but after being unsuccessful realizing i didnt have the power cord for the HDMI splitter i just setup up my ps4 normally however now my asus monitor isnt picking up any signal, ive tried numerous cords and even tried connecting the HDMI from my graphics card to monitor. Ive tried everything i can find online and have come to the conclusion that there might be something wrong with the port itself. I have the 165hz VG258 ASUS monitor. if anyone has the fix or any solutions it would be much appreciated, thanks!

Windows doesn't see anything attached when you plug it into the GPU? If not then yeah it could be the port.
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