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Asus Monitor problem. Help pls

Level 7

I have a ASUS VG27AQ Gaming monitor. I connected my Gaming PC to it through Display Port. It works fine!

So recently my mini pc arrived. I want to use it on the same monitor through HDMI port so that I can still have my Gaming PC connected to the same monitor.

Now here is the problem. My Mini PC gets HDMI - NO SIGNAL message.

I tried different HDMI cables, no luck. I tried connecting it to my TV. It worked. Now I know my monitor is the problem.

Here is the strange thing. I booted up my Gaming PC. It is now on Display Port. Working as it should.

At the same time I booted up my Mini PC and in the monitor OSD menu I switched from Display Port to HDMI, while my Gaming PC is still running.. Now I can see that my Mini PC is displaying.

I figured out. That my Mini PC is only displaying when my Gaming PC is booted up.

Everytime I first have to boot up my Gaming PC and through the OSD menu I need to switch to HDMI to go to the screen of my MINI PC.

But when my Gaming PC is off, the mini pc is not displaying. It just says HDMI No Signal.

That's very strange. So in order for me to see display of HDMI. My Gaming PC (DP port) needs to be running.

What I would like is that my Mini PC can display without me having to boot up my Gaming PC first.