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A problem could be no problem.

Level 9

X570E Gaming 3900X all core 1.296V 4.3GHz


Samsung 980 Pro NVM2. M.2 -G.Skill Trident 2-32GB 3600MHz-Thermaltake 850wPSU

I want to post this as a warning to many that can mistake something that is not a problem to one that is.

I have two identical ASUS Tuf curved monitors 144Hz. They are connected with Display Port Cables. I have been running them on my system for almost two years without any problem. Yesterday, I decided to connect my old pc with Windows 7 Ultimate and all I had to do was switch the input and I could use both pc's. Of course I had an extra keyboard and mouse. All of a sudden, there appears to be a square pixel about 2 inches per side with a red dot in the middle.  When I passed my mouse through the square or any window it would enlarge like a magnifying glass. I panicked and was making all these scenarios that my other pc damaged the monitor. I also found in some forums saying that I had a dead pixel or something. Then I started planning to return it to Microcenter because I have the 3 year extended warranty plan. Regardless I didn't want to do it. 

I then decided to select the Main PC as input to go back to how I was and saw that the pixel was still there and I also removed the extra cable that was coming from the other old PC. While I was doing that, my screen brought up a menu(honestly I  found it very stupid and not useful) with crosshair schemes for sniper-fans I guess. And I saw a red dot, and  a green dot and many other types. I clicked on it and it replaced the red dot. Of course I couldn't use it with my mouse, it just sat there in the middle of the screen in a 2x2 pixel that was magnifying anything behind it. When I clicked on the button again, it disappeared. I was so happy! The buttons on the screens make no sense today as you really don't see them or have easy access. They are huge buttons except the small joystick type one. I literally guess what I am doing and don't know what all buttons do. So, if you ever think that your screen is bad, make sure it is just fine before you panic. I hope that this helps someone who will go through this non-problem with having to go through the stress I did. 

 I remember once updating my BIOS, saying that it would fix voltage, compatibility with processors and the only thing that happened was that my pc didn't work. When I managed to get in the BIOS, I wasn't able to bring my previous setting to work. So, I just rolled back to previous BIOS and once again, everything worked perfectly fine. So, never update anything when your PC is working fine. NEVER!

There are a lot of careless developers-software engineers that really have no clue what they are doing "OUT OF THE BOX" but just changing one thing, without thinking that they are affecting other components as well.