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3D Vision only working on half the Screen // Heat problems

Level 7
Good day,
first of, these text/question ist translated via google-translate, so im sorry about the bad language, i hope u can still
get the point.
I bought the Asus PG278q about 1 1/2 weeks ago and operate it together with a NV gtx980ti on a
Win 10 64-bit operating system.
Now the following error occurred:
In 3D mode with NVIDIA 3D Vision Set the 3D effect is good only at the upper end of the monitor state, while
he no longer comes at the bottom. Here I see with each eye in each case both fields,
So as if I'd garkeine wear glasses. The transition between the well-functioning upper end
the screen and the non-functioning lower end is flowing, ie. enters in the middle
ghostingeffekt on, which is already visible, but not as extreme as at the lower end.

Moreover, I noticed that the bar below the screen (where "ASUS" stands) in 3D mode
after a few minutes is extremely hot. Is this normal? Perhaps the intense heat is the trigger for
the problem.
The error was the first 3D mode does not exist, but just one day later, he appeared and can be
no longer correct since. Even repeated blowing Erneuville installation changed them nothing.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Level 7
I have the exact same problem: only half the screen is synchronised.

I have an ASUS ROG 278Q monitor, MSI GTX 970 Gamer 100ME card and the 3D Vision 2 glasses.
It seems that since the Windows 10 upgrade (using latest NVidia 358.91 driver), it no longer works well.

Please let me know if someone found a solution to this problem.

As I'm about to reinstall Windows 7, and replace each peripheral until I can identify the problem.