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ASUS ROG Unveils Beta BIOS for 14th Gen Non-K Processors to Enhance Performance on Intel® 600/700 Series


TAIPEI, Taiwan, February 16, 2024 – ASUS unveils Beta BIOS for Intel® 600/700 Series motherboards, boosting CPU performance to higher level for Intel 14th Gen Non-K Series Processors. 

Update the Intel microcode to version 0x123, allowing for disabling the Current Excursion Protection (CEP)1 for improved performance2 on Intel 14th Gen non-K series processors. 

The Beta BIOS for ASUS Z790 series motherboards now are available. B760 & 600 series will be updated shortly!  

1 CEP is a processor integrated detector that senses when the Processor load current exceeds a preset threshold by monitoring for a Processor power domain voltage droop at the Processor power domain IMVPVR sense point.  

Disable CEP may increase performance in MT workloads on systems with a Loadline (LL) lower than 1.1 mOhm.  

Disabling CEP for performance enhancement may lead to increased power consumption and temperature. 

2Ensure adequate CPU cooling or use a higher-spec cooling solution. 



Full list of motherboards with beta BIOS available: