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Max Speed

ROG SpeedNova technology takes wireless performance to a whole other level. By streamlining each and every step within the protocol and algorithm, as well as refining data packet size and frequency for optimized process speed and efficiency, ROG SpeedNova surpasses competitors to deliver industry-leading, low-latency performance.





Max Consistency

ROG SpeedNova technology ensures that polling rate stays at peak performance – even in noisy environments congested with RF signal interference from surrounding wireless devices – by cutting through signal jams with powerful connections and scanning for available frequencies.

ROG SpeedNova wireless technologyROG SpeedNova wireless technologyOther wireless solutionsOther wireless solutionsCompared to other wireless solutions, ROG SpeedNova maintains steady and robust performance even under the presence of spatial restrictions as well as long distances in between the dongle and the mouse, guaranteeing steady performance for players anytime, anywhere.


Max Power Efficiency

ROG SpeedNova technology also optimizes power draw and transition efficiency between standby and sleep modes, consuming less power than other wireless solutions. ROG peripherals featuring ROG SpeedNova offer astounding battery life in 2.4 GHz mode, allowing players to enjoy stable, uninterrupted gameplay for up to 2000+ hours on ROG keyboards and up to 114+ hours with ROG mice.

 Video power.gif


Introduction Video on YouTube



Learn how to pair devices with the Omni Receiver:

ROG Omni Receiver guide here.


List of compatible peripherals:

ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless

ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition







Level 8

awesome tech😍

Level 8

Very nice. Useful bit of kit that looks very sleek.

Level 7

ROG Omni receiver should be compatible with the ROG Azoth 75% keyboard! Firmware update Please!

Level 7

How does ROG SPEEDNOVA improve gaming performance over traditional wireless technologies?

Nice to meet you 😀.

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Community Admin

SpeedNova introduces better reception, lower latency, lower power consumption for longer battery life, full polling for multiple devices (polling rate limitations apply if using other technologies for multiple devices),