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Hello fellow ROG gamers,

I recently got the ROG Spatha X mouse and out of the box, there's no denying it's an excellent choice for playing games. I'd like to share how to use a neat feature it possesses called rapid fire. But before I do I have to mention, because rapid fire does what it does it's recognized as a cheat in pvp games. Most games have an anticheat system and if you're caught using rapid fire, you'll most likely get banned from the game. Anticheat systems keep player vs. player games on an even keel so noone has an advantage, and the systems and rules are pretty strict.

Obviously, we don't want to get banned from our favorite games so knowing this, we only want to use rapid fire in campaigns and offline games. I'll even recommend researching your games before using rapid fire as an extra precaution.

So, what is rapid fire and how do we use it?

Rapid fire is most suited for semi-automatic or single shot weapons that require one click for one shot, fast firing semi-automatic weapons is where rapid fire really shines. As an example, a six shot pistol or shotgun would need six clicks to fire all six shots. With rapid fire enabled, holding down the rapid fire button fires all six shots.

To use rapid fire:

At the top left of Armoury Crate click devices and select your ROG Spatha X, it will put you on the buttons page. In the middle of the page below the mouse click Left, this will show the side thumb buttons view.

At the top right, click the three dots and select create rapid fire profile, in the box it will show: ROG SPATHA X Rapid-Fire Profile1.


You can let the rapid fire activator button to default which works great for shift mode or reassign it. I reassigned it to the windows button and disabled the others as I prefer toggle mode.

To reassign the activator button: Click the button you want to assign, in the window on the right select Rapid Fire and choose one of two modes below.

Shift mode - Press and hold the rapid fire activator button to enable and release to disable.
Toggle mode - Press once to enable, press once to disable.

When rapid fire is enabled, the ROG Spatha X will rapidly flash for two seconds, then give one quick short flash when disabled. You will also get a windows notification to let you know rapid fire is enabled/disabled.

The notification will show at the bottom right of your screen. You can choose to disable the notification, in the window scroll to the bottom and check the box.


Now that we have the rapid fire activator button assigned and our mode selected, we need to turn the rapid fire buttons on. In the window, you see three mice with the rapid fire button highlighted white on each mouse.

First mouse - Left click button
Second mouse - Middle click button (scroll wheel click)
Third mouse - Right click button


To turn rapid fire on simply click each mouse, they will turn red and switch to on. You can turn one, two or all three on for three rapid fire buttons.


Delay - Default is 50ms and is a good place to start, fine tune it to your own play.


The rapid fire buttons can't be reassigned but you can bind them to in game keys. As an example, you could bind the rapid fire buttons to:

Rapid fire Left click - Primary weapon fire
Rapid fire Middle click - Melee
Rapid fire Right click - Secondary weapon fire

You're now rapid fire ready, get creative and have fun with the abilities and weapons the game has to offer. Make sure rapid fire is disabled before playing any pvp games as well as at the desktop.

I've only tried rapid fire with one game so far and that is Doom 2016. You won't get banned for using rapid fire in the online campaign, but you're limited with weapons to use with rapid fire. I found it worked well with the pistol, this pistol also has infinite ammo, no reloads. I let the delay at default of 50ms.

I'll try some more games and post about them. If you use rapid fire in any game, please feel free to share.

Doom 2016, rapid fire with the pistol.

No issues using rapid fire in Control.

I didn't play all the way through but this game looks to be limited with weapons too. She has a single shot pistol but instead of reloading it charges, kind of strange for a pistol but it does work with rapid fire.

I lowered the delay to 2ms.

Mafia III Definitive Edition

Weapons to use with rapid fire are mainly pistols, I tried a few of them and it works really well all but turning some pistols into mini machine guns. I find myself running out of ammo fast with rapid fire but it does take down enemies quick.

I let the delay to default of 50ms.

Far Cry 5

Weapons to use with rapid fire in Far Cry 5 again are pistols. The pistols have a rate of fire rating from 1 to 10 with two pistols rated 6 as the highest. I chose one of them and set the delay to 2ms.

Rainbow Six Siege Extraction is a new one of the series and uses the BattlEye anti-cheat system, It's PVE with up to three players on a squad. I played for 1 1/2 hours and didn't encounter any issues, this could be because it's the two hour free trial.

I'm not familiar with this game and once I died, I could no longer play.

I let the delay to defaullt of 50ms, this worked well with the pistols I got to try.

Grand Theft Auto 5

This game fires weapons continuously holding down the fire button so rapid fire doesn't really help with this game, even setting the delay to 2ms shows no difference.

You may run into a situation where aim is right click, when this happens, I let rapid fire button 3 disabled which is right click. I still have my main rapid fire left click, and melee scroll click for close combat.

You could however rebind aim to scroll forward / scroll back or one of the side thumb buttons.

Level 9

Nice one Nate,
I'll need this later whenever I get the Spatha
I hope this web:
which I stumbled across proves useful and not too irrelevant to comment with here. 
But it'll be handy for me anyway, to compare my current 'myeh..'  mouse against
- my handsize versus its size & shape is becoming a bit of a niggle