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ASUS OLED Monitors feature a robust OLED screen protection mechanism designed to safeguard your OLED display. Image persistence, commonly known as burn-in, may occur on OLED displays when a static high-contrast image is exhibited for an extended duration. ASUS's protection mechanism is proven to mitigate this risk and ensure the longevity of your OLED screen.

What is OLED burn-in?

Burn-in is the result from the inherent characteristics of the display technology. In OLED displays, individual pixels emit light, gradually dim, and power down based on the displayed content. When a static image persists for an extended period, specific pixels may experience excessive use, leading to faster degradation and causing discoloration in certain areas.

Pixel Cleaning:

Pixel cleaning is an effective technique employed to counteract image persistence or burn-in on an LCD screen. This method entails the swift toggling of pixels, effectively clearing any lingering charge that could lead to ghosting or image retention. By doing so, pixel cleaning contributes to extending the lifespan of your display and preserving its overall quality. The automated process takes approximately 6 minutes and triggers when the monitor turns off. It is advisable to initiate pixel cleaning whenever the screen is in continuous use for 8 hours to ensure optimal performance.

Power Settings and Pixel Cleaning Function:

  • The activation of the pixel-cleaning function is influenced by the selected
    power setting.

  • In Standard Mode, pixel cleaning initiates automatically five minutes after entering Standby mode, experiencing No Signal, or when in Sleep Mode/Shutdown.
  • Pixel cleaning does not commence in Power Saving Mode following a computer shutdown or when entering Sleep Mode.




     Recommended Operation:

      • It is advisable to activate pixel cleaning whenever the screen is continuously used for 8 hours.



Aura LED Behaviour:


  • If USB Hub is set to On During Standby, the rear AURA LED  will not turn off when entering Standby mode. Even after completing pixel cleaning, the rear AURA LED will remain on.
  • If USB Hub is set to Off During Standby, the rear AURA LED will turn off when entering Standby mode.