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To help get you familiar with the ROG Strix Flare, here’s a quick reference so you can learn all the hotkeys in just a few minutes.

Feature-packed keyboards often go through their entire existence without regular opportunities to perform the functions which set them apart from a basic keyboard. While a keyboard can feature all the functions one could ever hope for, whether they become second nature is generally another story entirely. We placed great focus on designing an extravagant keyboard with a practical layout that is easy to become acquainted with, and commands which are less reliant on software so as to avoid jumping in and out of games. With that in mind, the media controls on the Flare were shifted closer to the WASD keys for faster access, and functions were programmed into the hardware to give you on-the-fly adjustments to profiles, lighting, and game-enhancing features such as macro recording.

ROG Strix Flare

Fast access to media controls without looking
Media controls and extra function keys are usually the first features you’d notice when picking a keyboard, before visualizing how practical they would be. Immediately you can imagine how much easier it is to use your left hand to reach the volume scroll wheel above the Esc key without looking, while keeping targets in sight using the mouse. If you frequently jump out of games inadvertently because your pinky is not as coordinated as you'd like, yubitsume is a tad extreme, enable the Windows Lock key next to the volume scroll wheel to disable the Windows key. The button next to that can turn off or alter the RGB lighting with four brightness levels. For those who prefer to bring their own tunes onto the battlefield, you’ll find play/pause, stop, and skip to previous and next buttons.
Media Controls

Switching profiles
Meticulous customization of profiles is a ritual many of us partake in as soon as new peripherals arrive, eager to test out the features available and figuring out how they can make our lives more efficient. For most, this fun dwindles after a few profiles, before the creation of unrealistic scenarios begin. Six profiles (one default) are saved in the onboard memory so you won't lose them when the Flare is connected to another PC. Specific programs or games can activate any of the six profiles once linked, allowing for different sets of key assignments and lighting effects to become active automatically.
Link programs to profiles.

Instead of linking profiles, you may opt to create profiles which cater frequently-used tasks or game genres, such as typing or FPS (first-person shooter) games.
Time to work.

Time to play.

Direct switching between profiles can be executed at any time, so linking profiles isn’t entirely necessary. Each profile is clearly labelled, just press Fn + [Profile number], e.g. Profile 3 = Fn + 3.

Direct profile switching.

Personalizing lighting effects
Each profile can store a different Aura lighting effect. To cycle through them instantly, just press Fn + [left or right].

Cycle through light effects.

To take color customization a step further without involving software, you can increase the shade of red, green, or blue individually (RGB). While holding the function button (Fn), applicable keys will light up the keys Del (red), End (Green), and/or Page Down (Blue). For example, if your keyboard is already displaying red, then green and blue keys do not light up, if white is already displayed, then all three will light up.

Customize red, green, or blue individually.

When customizing the lighting effect in the three exclusive zones, it’s handy to know the specific keys which trigger them if you prefer each individual key personalized. More time and patience are to be expected, but the results can be spectacular.
Underglow (left): Esc, Tilde, Tab, and Caps.
Illuminated Badge (two independent light effects) – Pause and /.
Underglow (right): numpad - and +.

Record macros on-the-fly
Each profile saves the lighting effects, key assignments, and of course - macros. Saved macro consisting of both keyboard and mouse commands can be assigned to any profile, so theoretically, you can use the Flare to do mouse-clicks...
Recording a new macro is a simple 3-step process:
Record Macros

1. Start recording: Hold Fn + press Right Alt (macro key flashes to indicate recording in progress)
2. Stop recording: Hold Fn + press Right Alt (keyboard lights up green, any keys in red are already assigned as macros)
3. Assign a macro key while the all the keys display green (timeout after ~15 seconds).
For more precise controls over macros, Armoury II can manipulate the delay and repetition.

Repeat acceleration
When the repetition of single-key is needed, repeat acceleration is easier than recording a macro and takes effect across all profiles. Some games (particularly MMO titles) require you to both press and depress keys rather than letting you hold the keys down, Repeat Acceleration can help complete desired tasks as soon as the game allows for it.
When a key is held down, you can choose whether the Flare will repeat the input registered in a rapid-fire fashion.
X1 (No Repeat Acceleration): Fn + Left Alt + F1
X2: Fn + Left Alt + F2
X3: Fn + Left Alt + F3
X4: Fn + Left Alt + F4
Repeat Acceleration

Factory Defaults
If you feel that you have somehow made a mess of things while customizing the profiles, forgot the macros, or you simply want to start anew, holding Fn + Esc for around ten seconds. While holding the two keys down, all the keys will flash red until the process is complete, at which time the keyboard will flash green and the default rainbow Wave effect is then displayed.
Revert to factory defaults.
Level 9

Thanks fr the help.  I just decided to use the keyboard controls to customize the keyboard effect.  It is good enough, so I will just make do with ROG Strix Flare.

I think I am set now.
    Thanks for the help everyone's help.