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The introduction of the ROG Omni Receiver brought you the ability to connect a second device to a single wireless receiver. The new upgraded hardware also laid the foundations for SpeedNova Technology with boosted polling rate for multiple devices. Older wireless receivers cannot be upgraded to an Omni Receiver via firmware updates due to the new hardware (despite the same appearance). Generally speaking, when multiple devices are connected, the polling rate is divided. The Omni Receiver on the other hand gives you 1,000Hz polling rate to each of the two devices (keyboard and mouse) concurrently. 


What happens now when the ROG Polling Rate Booster has changed the game in new products (such as the Falchion RX Low-Profile and Keris II Ace) where the max polling rate can go up as high as 8,000Hz or 4,000Hz?

The answer is that you CAN get such extreme polling rates for each device, but you will also need two Polling Rate Boosters - one for each device. (They're typically bundled anyway, which you normally don't expect.) Do not pair both devices to a single Omni Receiver.

Can a single ROG Polling Rate Booster upgrade the polling rate for two devices simply by adding an Omni Receiver to it? Good thinking..... but, sorry.