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Hello fellow ROG gamers,

If you have an ROG Falchion you may have noticed and even used the touch panel for volume control, but did you know it can do much more? It can help make using apps/programs more convenient with a swipe or a tap. It's pretty amazing what you can do with it and you may be surprised at how customizable it is. Here is a guide that can help make certain tasks easier with the touch panel.

The touch panel is located on the left side of the keyboard below the light bar, in battery mode it's shown green with a fully charged battery as in the picture below.

To use the touch panel you have:

1) Swipe up: Start at the - sign and swipe to the + sign.
2) Swipe down: Start at the + sign and swipe to the - sign.
3) Top section tap: + sign
4) Middle section tap: Middle dot
5) Bottom section tap: - sign
(we will call these regions)


The features you have to use are:

1) Default
2) Zoom
3) Multimedia
4) Keyboard function
5) Macro
6) Open website
7) Windows shortcut
😎 Preset input text
9) Disable

To customize the touch panel open Armoury Crate, click Devices at the top left, select ROG Falchion and click the Touch Panel tab.


1) Default - Click the blue Reset button to set the touch panel to defaults.

2) Zoom - There are two settings, Zoom in and Zoom out. For this I prefer Top section tap and Bottom section tap, you can use any of the five regions you like.

To assign: Click Top section tap and highlight it red, this will bring up a window on the right, click the arrow beside Default to bring up the features and click Zoom. Below Zoom it will assign Top section tap to Zoom in.

Click Bottom section tap, in the window on the right select Zoom, below Zoom select Zoom out.

You can zoom web pages and pictures by tapping the top of the touch panel to zoom in and tapping the bottom of the touch panel to zoom out.

3) Multimedia - There are six settings, I use this for music players that have playlists. I let the swipe up and swipe down to default for volume control and set:

Top section tap - Play next track.
Middle section tap - Play/pause (tap once to play, tap once to pause).
Bottom section tap - Play previous track.

To assign: Highlight a region, in the window on the right select Multimedia, below Multimedia select your setting.

I used five of the settings, Stop is the sixth setting which I excluded. With these settings, you're able to control your music with only the touch panel. This works with windows media player, Spotify, Tidal etc....

4) Keyboard function - Allows you to assign keys to the touch panel. This could be useful in games, if an odd key is out of reach, just assign it to the touch panel.

To assign: Highlight a region, In the window on the right select Keyboard function, below keyboard function highlight the box red and type your key. You can assign any key except symbols with one key per region.

5) Macro - First, you'll want to create your macros to access them in the features, macro is located at the top left of Armoury Crate in Devices.


For games as an example, I set Macro1 for a sword (that requires a sequence of clicks) against bosses for pve activities in Destiny 2. However, macros are highly discouraged in online pvp activities, I'll recommend researching your game before using them.

To assign: Highlight a region, in the window on the right select Macro, click the box below to select your macro. You can rename them when creating them and use up to five macros.

6) Open website - First, you'll want to set one of the regions to Paste (step 7), I used Top section tap. This opens your favorite websites with a tap or swipe.

To assign: In the window on the right, select Open website. Copy the website URL, below Open website highlight the box red and paste with Top section tap, then click the highlighted region. Save Paste for last to assign all five regions.

7) Windows Shortcut - This has six settings:

Show desktop - Sends all open apps/programs to the taskbar, tap again to bring them back up.
Switch apps - Shows all apps/programs for easy switching.
Close apps - Closes apps/programs you have open on the desktop.
Cut - Lets you cut out images from pictures.
Copy - Copy pictures or website URL's.
Paste - Paste pictures or website URL's.

To assign: Highlight a region, in the window on the right select Windows shortcut, select your setting below Windows shortcut.

I used five settings excluding Show desktop.

😎 Preset input text - This allows you to store text or a big paragraph of up to 250 characters.

To assign: Select a region, in the window on the right select Preset input text, below Preset input text highlight the box red, type in your text or paragraph and click the highlighted region. I assigned one region with Top section tap, you can assign all five regions for five paragraphs. Paste your text and paragraphs anywhere as many times as you want.

9) Disable - Highlight a region, In the window on the right select Disable. I chose Top section tap, tap the top of the touch panel to disable it. You can also disable the touch panel by pressing Fn+Tab, it will turn white as an indicator.

In battery mode, the touch panel will change color with the light bar according to how much the battery is charged.


The touch panel and light bar can be synced with the keyboard lighting for the full RGB effect, I prefer battery mode to see the battery level at a glance.

Note: You can use only one setting per region at a time.

Level 7

can i set the sidebar to switch rgb?

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Hello Conqueror01

Yes, you can sync the lightbar/touch panel with the keyboard lighting.

When charging, it will show battery mode only.

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Level 7

Hi, Can I mute all sound from my PC (windows) with any option in touch bar? And zoom funtion works with Macintosh?

Tanks so much!!

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 Hello drGruncho

I would think zoom would work if you're able to use Armoury Crate with Macintosh.

You can set one of the touch panel regions to Mute, to mute all windows sounds.

Select keyboard function, click the box below to highlight it red, then hit Fn + T to set the mute key.






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Level 7

Hi, its awesome to see that. Thankyou for information!!

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Level 7

Hey, I have an other question for you 🙂
I have looked for Armoury Crate for Mac, and not exist.
This keyboard have an internal memory to storage the Armory Crate configuration?, If the answer is yes, Can be used on any other PC or Mac with no Armoury Crate installed, but mantaining the configuration for touchbar?

Tankyou again!!

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As far as I know, Armoury Crate is supported with windows only, that's why I said " If " Armoury Crate works with Macintosh. 

I'm pretty sure you need Armoury Crate to change the lightbar setting but, you can change the RGB lighting effects with Fn + Left and Right arrow keys and adjust the brightness with Fn + Up and Down arrow keys.



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