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Zephyrus S17 screen flickering

Level 7

Hi, I've recently bought S17 2021 model with 4k display, and as you can see the screen is flickering a lot. All windows updates are there, latest bios, drivers.
I didn't figure out the exact steps to reproduce this issue. Sometimes it doesn't appear for a few hours, sometimes it doesn't stop at all until reboot. It never happened in bios. It is also not clear if it is a dGPU or iGPU or a hardware issue.
I've tried different drivers bot for dGPU or iGPU and different versions of them: for Intel graphics every driver from, for Nvidia the same every driver from the stock I've reinstalled Windows 10 two times - from the recovery partition and a clean image from Microsoft with further driver updates. I tested different options like using only nvidia gpu or only intel gpu in a) nvidia control panel - preferred graphics processor b) windows graphics settings c) armory crate - GPU power save mode. It appears on every GPU mode, silent, turbo, performance.
When the issue was as intensive as in the video (sometimes that can happen only 1 time in 20 minutes which is not acceptable anyway) I've tested the following - in device manager disabled intel gpu - not helped, then disabled nvidia gpu - not helped. Deleted both drivers(with uninstallation) - after a minute it disappeared for a few hours (like after reboot). Probably that resets graphic adapters, but I can't name which one exactly is faulty. For now, it just appears several times in an hour, then a reboot is needed. it was happening even with generic microsoft video driver

Struggling with this since the moment of purchase for two weeks. It would be great to have some support for a laptop of $4000

Since this persists through different Windows installs it may be hardware related. I would exchange it with your retailer.
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