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Zephyrus S15, Armoury Crate Manual Mode Fans Oscillate Up and Down and Up and Down.

Level 7
I just got a 2020 Asus Zephyrus S15 laptop and have been playing around with the different profiles in armoury crate. Id like to use manual mode so I can set my own fan curves n such but for some reason the fans are acting weird and wont stay. Example. If I set the fans to like 10% the fans will constantly oscillate between 2500 and 2800 rpm.. They dont hold... Up and down over and over every few seconds. Its So dam annoying in a quiet room. Weird thing is it seems to work right SOMETIMES and others it doesn't. If I switch to a different profile for a while and then switch back to manual mode sometimes it fixes the weird oscalation issue but some times it doesn't seem to want to work no matter what I do... Pretty annoying to be honest.

Am I missing something? Is this mode just broken? And tweaks or fixes?


Level 7
I am having the same issue, especially when connecting an external monitor ... I think it's an issue with the GPU interface

What exactly model do you have - CPU & GPU and Armory Crate version? I have 2020 Zephyrus S17 and no manual fan curve on Armoury Crate