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Zephyrus S GX535 GPU fan issue

Level 7

Hello everyone,

i'm a proud owner of a beautiful Zephyrus S GX535 i just bought yesterday for a few bucks, just because the GPU fan is really noisy. 

I had to admit i struggle a little to find the correct reference of this fan in internet. In first place is there any architecture difference between GX531 and my GX535? I was wondering if this fan wasn't common to several models. Much better: the fan is screwed to the ventirad, so do you think it's possible to find JUST the fan, and not all the gpu cooling system? 

i found this reference  FCN FLDY but all the cooling system is around 80€...zephyrus fan.jpg

ANother question: i need a new "Z" cap, where can i find one for my model? can i take one from another ROG model?

thank you in advance and all apologise for my poor english!